Some organizations may have many working shifts according to their rules. In Better HR, the dashboard user can add work shifts and assign these shifts to each employee. If so, you can see who are working in which shifts.

To add multiple shifts,

You can click here or follow the below steps:
1).Go to setting. And click 'Policies' and choose one of the policy type that you want to add new attendance and click on the 'Attendance'.
2).Click  '+Add the custom attendance setting' and change working hours for that shift as per your policy.
3).Click 'Update Policy.'

To assign the shifts,

You can follow the below steps:
1).Go to 'Employee' and select who you want to assign.

2).Click the 'Policy' and choose 'No Schedule' and click 'Update'.

3).Go to 'Attendance' and choose 'Scheduler'.

4).Click the '+' button to add shifts.

5).Click 'Publish'.

You can refer following tutorial video to assign shifts:

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