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How to create new permission
How to create new permission

This is helpful in creating new permission.

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Sometimes, the dashboard user want to edit the permission but the default permission is not edited in Better HR. At that time, the dashboard users need to create new permission.

1). Go to 'Setting' and Click on 'Permission'.

2). Click on '+Add New Permission'.

3).  Fill the 'Group Name' and 'Description'. Choose 'All' in 'Show Employee'.

4). Click on the  green icon of 'Employee in this permission group'.

5). Search employee you want to add in this permission and click to add them. Then, click on 'Confirm'.

6). Click on 'Permission Rating'. Select the module you want to make permission.

8). Click on 'Create Permission'.

9). Click 'Confirm'.

Here is tutorial videos for your reference:

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