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What is Scan Check-in and how to use Scan Check-in?
What is Scan Check-in and how to use Scan Check-in?
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What is scan check-in :Scan Check-in is one of the check-in functions for Better HR mobile users. To use this function, Organization or the company need a separate device with android version 5.0 and above and that device needs to have internet and power at all time In this device, you need to have Better HR office application. On this application, new QR code will be generated in every 20 seconds to scan. Mobile users need to enable the current location (GPS) to use this check-in. They can use scan check in only at the company.

How to use Scan Check-in (vide)

You can see the tutorial video here.


Step-by-Step guide

  1. You need to download 'Better HR Office' in Play Store with Android Phone and Tablets.

2. Type your domain name.

3. Log in with Email. (the use needs to be admin user)

4. Choose your location.

5.. Now you can start to do scan check in.

**This QR code will be expired every ย 20 seconds**.
This is where Scan check-in is placed.

P. s Mobile users need to enable current location access.

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