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How to set up custom holidays in Better HR?
How to set up custom holidays in Better HR?

set up custom holidays

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Sometimes company has a condition that they want to give an additional holidays beside public holidays. In Better HR software, you can customize the holidays .But you need to import holidays calendar that your company used.

Here is  the 2022 Myanmar public holidays calendar's link.
Click here  to download .

To set up customer holidays,
( 1 )Open the Setting.

( 2 )In the setting, select Policies items. Click the leave bar.

( 3 )Click where shown in Figure.

( 4 )Click Add custom holidays.

( 5 )Fill these information.

 ( 6 )As the final step, just click the Add holiday.

(7) Click on 'Update Policy' and 'Confirm'.

Here is the tutorial video.

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