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'Getting Location' is showing while requesting easy check in
'Getting Location' is showing while requesting easy check in
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Error Characteristics: There is a long wait of loading(Getting Location) to appear map while requesting easy check in.

This error may occur when you are in office and your easy check in doesn't work.

At that kind of situation, the first thing you have to do is check the google service of your device ,whether it is working or not.

Although your google service(  your google play store, google maps) is working well, if 'Getting Location' is appeared,

(1) Go to Manual Check in and check the map is appeared or not.

(2) Press 'Wrong location? Turn GPS to high accuracy' as the following picture.

(3) If the map is not appeared, open 'Use without Google Play Services', press Confirm and restart app walk a few minute with the phone to appear the map.

(If you succeed at that stage, you do not need to perform the following step)

(4) Clear the recent app and then reopen the app.

***The map is not working after doing these processes, you need to go to check your device at the service centre.

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