Changing employee to manager role

Changing employee to manager role

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Sometimes you want to change the position of the employee to manager. And they  have team members to report back to them. At that time, this following tutorial videos will help you.

1). Click on  'Employees'  tab and choose the employee name you want to change position.
2). When you are in employee detail view, click on 'Job' and change the position.
3).Click on 'Update'.

4).Go to 'Setting' and click on 'Permissions'.
5). Choose one of the permissions and add this employee by clicking  '+'button under employee in this permission group.
6). Type this employee name and click on 'Confirm'
7). Click on 'Update Permission'

If there is employees who report back to him,

8). Select these employees and click on edit icon.
9).Change the manager name and click on 'Apply'.

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