As the first-step, you need to define what kind of line items that you need for your organization. For example, if you have an allowance for travelling, you can create a travel allowance line item (or column). Here is the article for how to create custom benefits and deductions for payroll.

Then select the tax option for income tax. Also, select the fiscal year and the Payroll Form Close Date. If the fiscal year is designated as October, the tax year will be calculated from October 1 to September 30.

If you set 25-day for Payroll Form Close Date, the payout date (from 26th to 25th of this month) will be calculated.

The Allowances are estimated for one year in the Tax option, which means that the remaining months will be taxed with the amount due to the income of the payroll month.

Allowances will only be paid once a month for the month received, meaning that it will be taxed on a monthly basis.

Then, if the salary is attached to a bank account, you must provide the necessary bank information. Here is the article for adding bank information for payroll.

In addition, the currencies that can be used for payroll can be added to Myanmar Currency as well as other currencies (USD, SGD, EUR).

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