Better Chat can drive your HR processes and team management in seamless way with Better HR cloud-based mobile technology.

To use Better Chat, just update your app from Play Store or App Store and start chatting with your colleagues in group or one-to-on to form an aligned team towards the organization goal.Chat is currently supported in Better HR mobile app only and we are working on web version to roll out in a few months.

App Download links

Global Rom Android ->

China Rom Android (APK file) ->

iOS ->

How to use

1). Enter the Better HR App and tap Chat.

2). Click the Organization Chat icon and click on the name of the employee you want to chat with.

Current supported features

1). Text Chat

2). Group Chat

3). Reactions 😊 😍 😃

4). Replies

5). Sending pictures

Future features

Sending attachment

Sending videos

Sending audio

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