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How can I make a newly joined employee to use Better HR
How can I make a newly joined employee to use Better HR

When you have someone new joining the organization

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When you have someone new joining your organization. The first thing is to add them to Better HR so that the employee can use our app. The adding process take 3 steps

  1. First ask the employee to install our app.

  2. Adding the employee details and sending invitation emails

  3. Installation and log-in steps from the employee side

Installing our app

Give the employee this install link which will take him to Google Playstore or App Store.
- Android file ->

Go to Employee Tab and click on Create Employee

Adding details including Name, Phone Number, Email, Position, Line Manager, Permission etc.

Then click Create Employee -> Invite in email

Your employee will receive and email like this. He just need to scroll down and click on the long link and your employee is in.

If the employee has no email address,

(1 ) Open Better HR App

(2) Enter Organization URL

(3) Press Log-in with Phone number

(4) Enter your phone number

(5) wait for SMS with 6-digit

(6) Enter the 6-digit code 


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