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Create custom fields for employees profiles
Create custom fields for employees profiles

Additional custom fields for employees profiles

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The admins can create additional custom fields to add more employees' informtion by using different formats . Here is the article of the explanation of formats in employees' custom field. For example, if you want to set uniform shirt size of the employees , you can create that in custom field . Here is the video of instructions;

  1. Please go to the 'Settings' and click 'Employees' tab.

  2. In the section of 'Additional Custom fields for employee profiles', click 'Add custom fields'.

  3. Write down the information and options you want to add. You can choose different formats .

  4. Tick Required box if it is essential for employees to fill. Otherwise don't tick the box if it's optional.

  5. If you want the employees to fill their data, click 'View and Edit'. If you want to hide the data from employees, choose 'Hide' and if you allow the employees to view, then choose 'View Only'.

  6. Click 'Apply Custom Field'.

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