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Update Notes - 25 Feb 2022
Update Notes - 25 Feb 2022

Update Notes - 25 Feb 2022

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Release Notes (25.2.2022)


We have made several issue fixes in the system. Here are the followings.

  • A rare issue where the user's leave types and available leave days disappearing in the leave page and employee detail during the user's policy changes.

  • A rare attendance check-in issue where the user check-in time not showing correctly when the user check in during off days.

  • A rare issue concerning with Myanmar payroll form 15 download showing an error when the user exports it.

  • A data entry issue where the phone numbers of employees did not enter correctly while creating multiple employees occasionally.

  • A loading issue where the user profile pictures not appearing in the Milestones section of organization activity in Dashboard.

  • A Myanmar payroll issue where the system shows an error message when the user updates the family information of the generated payroll.

  • A Myanmar payroll excel issue where some columns in the exported excel of the payroll group are missing when the payroll excel is exported.


  • We have improved the file naming structure of file uploads in the employee details.

    • For example : Original file name before uploading to the employee details –> empname_ygn_CV.pdf

    • File name appearing in the employee details and in the file tab –> empname_ygn_foldername_originalname.pdf

  • We have now improved the system to make it available for the leave types which opened 'Use on holiday' restriction setting in the policy. Previously, users cannot add the leave period which includes normal day offs in the period.

    • You can now add the leave periods for the employee where the leave period which includes holiday start dates, holiday end dates and normal day offs for the leave type as long as 'Use on holiday' restriction is turned on in the policy settings of that.

Next Week Pipeline

  • Bug Fixes

  • Performance improvement

  • ongoing development of Payroll mini-budget payroll, a major feature (subjected to QA standards)

  • ongoing development of Overtime Analytics, a major feature (subjected to QA standards)

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