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Update Note 07 October 2022
Update Note 07 October 2022

Chat push noti fixes and other

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Bug Fixed

  • Fixed a bug where tax infos such as parents, spouse and child are showing updated numbers in already published payroll group

  • Fixed a visual bug where every movement type will show as resign at web inbox if the employee has a resign date

  • Fixed a bug where system defined payroll items such as SSB is missing on front-end (not a calculation bug) in rare scenerios

  • Slight alignment improvement in Patakha form in Myanmar payroll

  • Fixed a bug where home address keep disappearing in employee profile. requires mobile app update scheduled to release some time early next week

Other changes and improvements

  • Revamped chat push notification system which works on all three platform - web, iOS and Android

  • Employee movement report will now only shows resign employee only if they go through the movement form. Adding a terminate date alone will not show up in the movement report.

  • File search on Employee Document now works on file name only

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