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Update Notes - 4 Mar 2022
Update Notes - 4 Mar 2022

Update Notes - 4 Mar 2022

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Release Note for 4th March, 2022

New Major Feature Release!

  • A Payroll Mini Budget feature which will help you calculate tax more efficiently according to the budget year length that you defined. ( See more in Payroll Mini Budget Feature )

  • An Overtime Analytics feature that will help you analyze overtime requests and overtime hours of employees. This feature is in the Experimental stage. (See more in Overtime Analytics Feature.)


We have made several issue fixes in the system. Here are the followings.

  • A display issue where the dropdown options of the custom fields in the setting screen is grey.

  • A Myanmar payroll issue where the previously published payroll groups do not carry correctly to next month.

  • A Myanmar payroll issue where the total net amount of the generated and approved states are showing 0 in the payroll group list when it is migrated from the previous month's payroll group.

  • A rare Myanmar payroll issue where the SSB value column in the payroll group is not showing in the payroll detail table but calculating in the net salary.

  • A rare policy issue where the payroll settings are not showing correctly while creating a new policy.


  • We have now improved our dashboard of the system to show the count of late employees in the Today section for better scheduling and effective planning.

  • We have improved our system to accept decimal values in the policy settings for the payroll for better payroll calculation of absent and overtime values.


  • We have also improved our check-in/check-out method breakdown chart in the dashboard to show a more accurate display of attendance type breakdown.

  • We have now updated the leave adding restrictions for the last year's taken leaves. Now, the Better HR's support account will be able to add and delete last year's leave when you request our team.

  • We have also improved and adjusted the employees' profile image size so that the image will be fully displayed in the Milestone of Organization Activity.

Next week pipeline

  • Bug Fixes

  • Performance improvements

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