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Update note 24 June 2022
Update note 24 June 2022

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

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Bug Fixes

We have made bug fixes for this week listed below:

  • We have fixed an issue that is showing policy changes from default to default and leave balances are renewed after approving job activity requests.

  • We have made a bug fix that is duplicating projects when users try to enable in the setting.

  • We also fixed that users can't download form 16 in some payroll groups.

  • We have fixed that the onboarding state is skipped on mobile.

  • We also fixed a small issue that is showing an error message when users try to enter the chat feature in our mobile app.

  • We have fixed that employees can't see project approver to request project-based payment on mobile.


  • We have improved our system not to allow editing employees in the published payroll group to avoid unnecessary complications.

  • We have improved UI for the “Add New Activity” feature in the employee profile to be separated into three buttons “Promote”, “Demote” and “Transfer” so that be more obvious for users to use. When users click on the button, respective activity forms will be opened as a popup.

  • We improved our system to show the remaining months based on the employee's terminate date and to adjust income tax automatically if the remaining month changes.

  • We also improved UI to show PIT this month's value for payroll calculated month in the new form 15 format.

  • We have a big UI improvement for the summarized report with a new table design and now scheduled working hours and actual working hours can be seen in the table.


  • We have fixed an issue that keeps loading when new users try to save already existing NRC number in the onboarding state.

  • We have fixed crash on sending request without choosing National ID type in onboarding state.

  • We also fixed that National ID is not synced in the employee profile even though the user filled in the onboarding state in Sri Lanka.

  • We have made a small UI improvement to show "back" button in People.


  • We have fixed crash on sending new images using camera in chat.

Next week pipelines

  • bug fixes

  • performance improvement

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