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Update note 01 July 2022
Update note 01 July 2022

Bug fixes and other performance improvements

Written by Better HR Support
Updated over a week ago

Bug Fixes

We have made some bug fixes for this week listed below:

  • We fixed that the education leave type is missing in the custom policy.

  • We also fixed that all currencies which users selected in the setting are not shown in the employee directory.

  • We have fixed an issue that SSB is calculated only on basic salary and not calculated for other allowances. But this does not affect the net salary amount. Only SSB amount in payroll group and payslip is wrong.

  • We also fixed that project rates disappear when users update and re-login to the dashboard.

  • We have fixed a small issue that users can't see the subsequent report list on mobile.

  • We made a bug fix that pagination doesn't work in the fail state in the YOMA automation popup.

  • We have fixed that it is showing " not invited " in the employee directory even though employees are successfully onboarded.


  • Now we have improved our system to show the remaining months depending on the employee's termination date. We also improved tax calculation to be adjusted depending on the remaining month.

  • We have improved email template designs for project-based payment approved requests, rejected requests and deleted requests.


  • We have fixed an issue that employees can't send requests for project-based pay if overtime is closed in the dashboard setting.

  • We have improved the hour selector in the project request form to select a large amount of time quickly.

Next week pipeline

  • bug fixes

  • performance improvements

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