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Update note - 17 June 2022
Update note - 17 June 2022

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

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New Mobile feature release

Project-based payment - a new hourly payment for some enterprises and NGO organizations which would like to pay their employees for overtime based on projects.

This feature is now available on both iOS and android.

Bug Fixes

We have some bug fixes for this week listed below:

  • We have fixed an issue that users can’t export some payroll groups and download form 13.

  • We also fixed that some employees whose SSB is zero are missing in form 13 export. (It just missing in UI and not effected net salary calculation).


  • We have fixed that the employee directory keeps loading whenever users try to enter.

  • We also fixed that some attached files in the employee profile can’t be opened and show the “ Acess Denied” error message.

  • We fixed that National ID is not synced in the employee profile even though the user filled in the onboarding state in Sri Lanka.

  • We have fixed an issue that is showing the error message: “Failed to save the file. Please Try again” when users try to download and view the file in employee resources.

  • We also made a fix for the issue that is wrongly directed to the people tab when users tap on “Chat with coworkers”.

  • We fixed that the multi-select inbox view is not working in the inbox tab.

  • We have improved the UI for chat replies to avoid unnecessary complications.

  • We also improved the inbox filter to enable all as default to avoid not getting notifications for disabled filters.


  • We have improved UI for the “Add New Activity” feature in the employee directory to be separated as three buttons “Promote”, “Demote” and “Transfer” so that be more obvious for users to use. When users click on the button, respective activity forms will be opened as a popup.

  • Now we also improved our check-in method and check-out method to show “Auto” for auto attendance.

  • We have improved user flow to skip the onboarding state when admin users firstly login to the dashboard.

  • Now our users can use new form 15 format called: “ ပတခ(ဝင)-၁၅(က)” in the published payroll group.

  • We have improved UI in the payroll setting to upload office stamp used in the new form 15 format.

  • We have improved project-based payment hour skipper to be able to select each minute.

  • Now we also improved to be able to select project hours up to maximum of 300 hours in the project-based payment setting.

  • Now we have improved mobile UI for both iOS and android to show birthdate in employee profile.

Next week pipelines

  • bug fixes

  • performance improvements

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