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Update note 29 July 2022
Update note 29 July 2022

Bug fixes and performance improvements

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Project-based Analytics Feature

  • We have released a new version for this week which includes Project Breakdown Table.

Bug Fixes

We have fixed some bugs for this week listed below:

  • We have fixed a rare bug that an employee who has transferred department is duplicated in the employee resource centre's access list.

  • We have fixed an issue that is showing no approver in pending Overtime cards.

  • We have fixed that the advanced schedule leave setting is not working properly.

  • We also fixed that is showing error message when trying to download published scheduled shift pdf file.


  • Now we have improved our system for the probation period to be an optional requirement in job activity forms.

  • We have change name for Default Policy as " Standard Policy" for a better understanding.

  • We have changed the contents for the leave setting popup for better communication.

  • We have changed the date format for overtime weekly view.

  • We have improved UI for summarize report table to add new columns " Department, Location " and to show positions under employee names.

  • We have improved our system to accept decimal values in the day rate formula due to the client's request.

  • We have improved leave breakdown table sorting by ascending and descending.

  • We have improved our communication message for file setting content.

  • We also improved the inbox UI for the empty state when users haven't opened any inbox yet.

Next week pipelines

  • bug fixes

  • performance improvements

  • coming new feature

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