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Update note 08 July 2022
Update note 08 July 2022

Bug fixes and performance improvements

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Bug Fixes

For this week, we have focused on fixing the bugs listed below:

  • We have fixed a rare issue that is showing an error message when employees send overtime requests.

  • We also fixed that some leave types are missing in the employee profile.

  • We also fixed a rare issue that users can't select hours while adding project hours from the dashboard.

  • We have fixed that employees are duplicated in the access given list in the employee resource center.

  • We also fixed that the total project hour is showing incorrectly in the project card view and list view.

  • We fixed that filter in the file tab doesn't work properly in our system.

  • We have fixed that the approved status is showing in the pending project card even though the approver hasn't approved yet.

  • We also fixed that all employees list is downloaded when users export excel for "Off Day".

  • We have made a bug fix that the home address is synced after updating in the employee profile but it disappears again after a few moments.

Next week pipeline

  • bug fixes

  • performance improvements

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