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How to use scheduler (duty roster)?
How to use scheduler (duty roster)?

how to do scheduler

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In some organizations like retail shops and hospitals..., employees don't have fixed schedule and many different shifts are needed for each and everyone. Better HR software can arrange that kind of issue by doing Scheduler  .Here is the demonstrated video and step by step tutorial picture.

To do scheduler,
( 1 )Go to Employees.

( 2 )Choose the employee's name that you want to set up scheduler.

( 3 ) Go to Policy and choose No Schedule as shown in Figure.

( 4 )Click the Update at the right top button.

( 5 )Go to Attendance and  Choose the Scheduler by clicking where shown in Figure. 

( 6 )When you are in this page , you will see this Add Shift box and you can set up scheduled shifts for that user.

( 7 ) Set up the shifts as you like.

( 8 )You can also choose the multiple employees and departments to arrange the same shift. As the final step, don't forget to click the Save Button.

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