When you are under the attendance policy setting , you will see office attendance .It is what mobile users can do check-in easily in their device when dashboard users enable that one. Employees can do easily and  quickly their Check In, Check out , Break In , Break Out. This system is our latest version of check-in way and  you don't need extra device to use this system like QR and finger print.

This is how to enable office attendance in setting.

1). Go to 'Setting'.

2). In 'Policy', choose the policy you want to change.

3). Enable 'Office Attendance' to use office check-in from mobile app.  You can adjust the distance range to make attendance (from what distance around the office location can employees do check in, check out.)

4). Click 'Update Policy' and 'Confirm'.

That is how mobile users view  in their device after dashboard users enable
Easy Attendance.

Employees can do these process conveniently with Easy Attendance way .

Please refer following tutorial video also.

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