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Update Notes - 20 May 2022
Update Notes - 20 May 2022

Employee Resource Center Bug Fixes and other bug fixes

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Employee Resource Center Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a small issue that employees can't see files in the folder which is given access.

  • We also fixed that admin users can't see all folders in their mobile app.

  • We also fixed another issue that employee's download count is not tracked.

Bug Fixes

We have made small bug fixes in our system listed below:

  • We have fixed that a new blank column appears in the excel file when we disable Overtime in the payroll setting and download the excel export file in generated payroll state.

  • We also fixed showing an error message when we export generated payroll group.

  • We have now fixed a UI issue that “ New NRC” text appears in the NRC column in employee directory.

  • We also fixed another mobile issue that employees can’t view payslips in their mobile app.


  • We have also fixed an issue that check out time appears in attendance detail even though users haven’t checked out yet.

  • We have fixed a mobile issue that keeps loading when users click on the “Acknowledge” button in the Sri Lanka payslip.

Performance Improvement

  • We have embedded Tamil font for Sri Lank Form C.

Next Week Pipeline

  • bug fixes

  • performance improvements

  • coming new feature release

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