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Update Notes - 29 April 2022
Update Notes - 29 April 2022

Major Feature Release ,Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

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Major Feature Release

  • Employee Resource Center (learning center) - a centralized document library with role-based, location-based, department-based access useful for employee onboarding, training and SOP roll-outs. You can also track who has downloaded, who has read and who has acknowledge document by document. For example, you roll-out a new Employee Handbook v2 and you can see how many has read the new version of your handbook.

Go to File➝click on Employee Resource Center and you can now use that feature

Bug Fixes

We have fixed some issues listed as below:

  • We have fixed leave value automatically rounded to decimal one place after updating policy that is occurring in advanced leave schedule.

  • We fixed an issue that duty roster pending shift is shown as published shift in attendance detail.

  • A small issue that employee’s applied date and leave types are missing in employee profile.

  • Now we have fixed an issue that is occurring when we create new employee with correct Sri Lanka country’s code , it automatically changed to Myanmar country’s code in employee profile.

  • We also fixed Sri Lanka payslip links of some employees in the same group showing server error 500.


  • Now we have improved advance leave schedule for new created employees to give initial leave balance based on service year.(for example: if an employee joins on 5th April 2022 then available leave balance will be 1st year's initial leave value.)

  • We have improved our system to be able use leave eligibility setting for every types of leave based on employee's service length.

  • Now we have improved to change salary currency according to employee's base salary when we select an employee in job activity forms.

  • In permission setting ,an additional option “ Direct report and subsequent report” is added in show employee drop down list so that people at the top of the organization chart can see all employees under them.

Other Changes

  • Now we have made frontend changes for net salary value to show only two decimal places in Excel export, frontend generated stage and bank format.


  • We have fixed an issue that SSB number and PIT number are not syncing on android app.

  • We have changed labels for scan check-in to “scan check-in/out”, remote check-in to “remote check-in/out” and office check-in to “office check-in/out” for better communication.

  • We have made mobile overtime inbox communication improvement upon deletion. Now our mobile app will send notification when admin or manager deleted your approved overtime request.We also improved UI to show grey color for deleted requests instead of disappearing completely.

  • Now we have improved our mobile app to show the past days’ check-in / check-out pending requests in attendance record.

  • We have improved UI to show eligible leave balance in our android app.

Next week pipeline

  • bug fixes

  • performance improvements

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