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Update Notes - 25 March 2022
Update Notes - 25 March 2022

Improved leave and OT analytics and table improvements

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  • Day-by-day breakdown is available in Leave Analytic tab. Just click on Day after selecting a date range

  • Day-by-day breakdown is available in OT Analytics as well. Click on Day

  • Some weekly tables now show both date and day. It only used to show the day. All tables will show both date and day eventually

  • Added a new security layer that masks some sensitive personal information such as date of birth, identification ID, home address, etc. If you are not part of the permission group, you cannot see that information anymore when loading an employee profile. You can still see his work-related information such as position, department, etc in the profile. This is continuous improvement and may classify or declassify future data points as 'sensitive'

Other bug fixes

  • Fix that clicking Leave on Dashboard sometimes do not show the leave employee list correctly

  • Fixed that NRC photo upload on employee profile sometimes failing

Other changes

  • Service Year Calculation now include end-date i.e 1 March 2022 to 1 March 2023 is 1 year and 1 day instead of just 1 year

  • Myanmar payroll: SSN and Income Tax number is now changed to general text type

  • Remove the Delete button from employee movement requests (promotion, transfer etc) as it doesn't serve any functionality


  • Android app now show Name and Position

  • There will be a warning sign next to the profile for incomplete statutory related document submission such as NRC, Passport, household list, marriage license

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