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Update Notes - 08 April 2022
Update Notes - 08 April 2022

Mainly bug fixes

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  • Fixed a bug that dashboard not showing pending leave requests

  • Fixes Duty roster not correctly dealing for shifts that starts earlier than 6:00am due to UTC timezone issue

  • Fixed that deleted departments showing up in some lists and employee profiles

  • Fixed that profile pictures not showing at Department Chart on web view

  • Fixed that some updated employee profile data not reflecting on payroll regeneration

  • Fixed that the employee attendance detail not showing correctly for February

  • Fixed an urgent bug that Leave were automatically regenerating on 2nd of every month. This is due to a new leave feature where you can that we release last week.

  • Fixed payroll export not downloading some SSB data (UI only bug, not a calculation bug)

Other changes

  • Tax Info is not under payroll permission anymore. Now users with Employee module permission can view and edit important statutory info such as NRC, Parents, Child, etc without payroll permission

  • You cannot export the Leave Analytics or OT Analytics anymore if there is no data to avoid error situation. The export button will be greyed if there is no data.

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