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Update Note 23 September 2022
Update Note 23 September 2022

Duty roster bug fixes and Sri Lanka payroll improvements

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  • Sri Lanka payroll module now also calculate Employer EPF 12% and and employer ETF 3% in Generated Group

  • Leave policy setting stepper is now 0.5 instead of 1

  • Employee name search now works on asset list

  • Adding day offs in duty roster will now shows the day off immediately without a need to reload

Bug Fixes

  • Employee movements (transfer, adjustment, promotions) using future date now automatically reflects on the effective date

  • Cleaned up UI issue bottom on Employee Resource Center

  • Resignation date format across the site are now consistent at dd-mm-yyyy

  • Fixed announcements not being able to send using department and position filters

  • Fixed announcements not sending email copy

  • Fixed a bug in duty roster getting stuck at loading when a second shift is added on the same day

  • Self-editing employee list

  • Various Myanmar government form fixes and improvement

  • Change Employee ID in employee excel export to 'System ID'

  • Fixed a bug where shifts from other policy

  • Fixed a bug where creating employee movement crashing when a new position is created on employee movement form instead of employee profile

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