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Update Notes - 22 April 2022
Update Notes - 22 April 2022

Bug fixes and small UI improvements

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Bug Fixes

We have made some issue fixes in the system listed in below:

  • Fixed an issue when clicking on inbox and it doesn’t show all requests or latest requests.

  • Fixed a bug for shifts starting earlier than 6:00am causing the system to interpret the date as yesterday due to UTC timezone not crossing the mid-night. For example, you can set a shift at 6:00am Myanmar time zone on 22 April but system will interpret as 11:30pm, 21 April. That has been fixed.

  • A rare payroll group issue that is still showing generated state even though payslip is published.

  • Fixed a very scenario specific bug that the salary is set to 0 when the admin user with no Read permission but has Update permission of Salary updates an employee profile.


  • We have improved new date format view showing in leave request in our system’s inbox for both dashboard and android. Now you format will also include the weekday - Friday, Sunday, (iOS will follow later)

  • We have made a text improvement for android attendance screen to show both check-in and check-out for Scan check-in , Remote check-in and Office check-in.(iOS will follow later).

Next week pipeline

  • Bug fixes

  • Performance improvements

Coming Major Release

  • Employee Resource Center (learning center) - a centralized document library with role-based, location-based, department-based access useful for employee onboarding, training and SOP roll-outs. You can also track who has downloaded, who has read and who has acknowledge document by document. For example, you roll-out a new Employee Handbook v2 and you can see how many has read the new version of your handbook.

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