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Project-based Payment
Project-based Payment

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Project-based payment - a new hourly payment for some enterprises and NGO organizations which would like to pay their employees for overtime based on projects.

To use this feature

  • Go to setting > Project-based Payment > you can create projects here

  • You can edit created project name and description by clicking on edit icon shown as below:

  • You can also delete created project by clicking on the delete icon shown below:

  • You can also enable or disable your projects by clicking on that project.

  • Go to policies > Project-based Payment > you can set up payment settings for your projects here. You can set minutes for mobile stepper, ahead days and past days to submit project requests.

  • You can also limit minimum and maximum hours for project requests.

  • You can also set the project rates for weekdays, Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays to calculate payment depending on which day your employees request.

  • You can choose approvers for project requests here. Generally the second approver is needed if the first approver is too busy.

  • You can configure each project whether to calculate income tax and SSB or not. You can also search projects by using the search bar.

  • To configure the payment method and equation, just click on the project. You can also modify some restrictions like required documentation and second approval.

  • In the payroll group, all projects which are enabled in the setting will appear in each column.

  • You can also check project-based payment calculation details in the receipt by clicking on the amount.

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