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Update Note 2 September 2022
Update Note 2 September 2022

30-day view on duty roster ... skip salary change in employee movement

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Major Feature - 30 days views on Duty roster

  • 30 day views is now added to Duty Roster

  • Excel export/import is also possible on 30 days view

Other changes and improvement

  • Salary skip is now added to Employee Movement forms (Adjustment, Promotion and Transfer). Activating Salary skip will make the salary field unnecessary. Useful in transfer or promotions without salary changes

  • Employee Movement is moved from main panel to under Employee tab

  • Permission settings is a module now and a standalone configurable

  • Adjustment success notification text now shows correctly

  • New and improved table look for OT list view

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a rare bug that shifts on duty roster are deleted when you upload a certain unrecognized file

  • A row-view extra sheet has been added to the project base pay excel export

  • Changelog now also shows payroll create and delete logs

  • Fixed a bug where unrelavent error message is poping up when tax info is changed on live payroll group view.

  • Various Yoma Bank payment automation excel export fixes

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