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What is 'Employee Update Request' and how to use?
What is 'Employee Update Request' and how to use?
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What is 'Employee Update Requests'?

Mobile users can update their family information on the Family Info tab of the Better HR mobile app and request to web admin. It's called an Employee Update Request. Your requests will turn yellow and will be green when approved by admin.

How to use

  1. Updating family info in mobile app

1). Click on 'Profile icon' at the top left corner.

2). Click on 'Family info' tab and tap one of your family info data that you want to update and tap 'Edit icon'.

3). If you want to update, you need to add image. After that, type a reason and tap 'Send Request'.

Now your request will turn yellow as it is Pending.

2. Approving the request by admins

1). Click on 'Employee' tab an 'Employee Update Requests' icon.

2). Click on tick sign.

Now your pending request in mobile app turns green as it is approved.

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