Mobile Chat Feature

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Mobile Chat Feature

An all-new messaging feature, allowing employees, managers, and directors to seamlessly communicate. Now both employers and employees in your organization no longer need to use other third-party applications to keep in touch with each other. You can not only send text messages but also can send emojis, voice messages and other attachments.

  • To use this feature, you just need to go to the chat tab.

  • You can create a new conversation or new group by tapping on the new message icon as shown in the picture.

  • You can see your colleagues list you can contact by tapping on the people icon.

  • You can also view the department directory and organization chart by tapping on the organization chart icon as shown in the screenshot.

  • You can search for your colleagues by using the search bar.

  • To send a message, you can start typing here.

  • You can send emojis by tapping on this emoji icon.

  • You can also send your images too.

  • You can change your group name here by tapping on the three-dot menu and choosing change name.

  • You can see the member list who are included in this group.

  • In the member list, you can send a private message, view profiles and remove any employee by tapping on the three-dot menu.

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